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Clear concise and effective! this e-book is easy to follow. I knew very little about how to repair my credit, and I did not trust the big banks to help out either. Thanks to Mr. Chison, I can now confidently say I know how credit reports work, as a result I was able to increase my credit score in the matter of months.
Alberto G
Alberta Canada
I thought I knew about credit....I was wrong! The credit repair playbook has taught me so many new things that I did not know before. Not only did I learn new concepts, this e-book busted many old myths I held about credit. Thank you Ownurship Consulting, It was honestly well worth the price as I was able to repair my credit report which resulted in me being eligible to secure a low interest loan. Thank you so much yall!
Sheila Howard
Alabama U.S.A
Growing up I was never taught about the intricacies of financial literacy, especially when came to credit and credit reports. Thanks to the Credit repair playbook I have now acquired a greater understanding of financial literacy, especially when it comes to credit. The Credit repair playbook is well written and easy to follow. Since repairing my credit report I have been able lease a new vehicle. Keep up the good work guys!
P. Mitchell-Noel
New York U.S.A
Tired of not qualifying because of your credit score?

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Over 53% of Americans are turned away because of bad credit! 

Here at Ownurship consulting we are dedicated to helping you solve your financial problems through credit repair. Do not live another day carrying the stress of a poor credit report! Contact us directly and let us guide you through your personalized credit repair journey. 

Repair your credit report today

At Ownurship Consulting, we help people take ownurship of their finances starting with the mastery of credit. In todays chaotic world it is important to understand how to take control of your credit to leverage yourself into new opportunities. From buying a new car to your first home, credit is the gate keeper to the finer things in life. Stop laying on the sidelines of your financial life. Take control and contact us today! 

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Here at Ownurship Consulting we are dedicated to guiding you step by step through your personalized credit repair journey. Let us assist you with our professional expertise.


We specialize in repairing your credit report with over 10 years of experience and counting. You can be rest assured that we will handle your credit issues with ease.


We understand your unique financial situation. Here at Ownurship Consulting we strive to cater to your needs with competitive pricing. Reach out for a quote today!

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